27 Apr 2012

“Risk of accidents and oil spills “

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At the International Polar Year 2012 Conference in Montreal The Pew Environment Group pointed again to the risks connected with the oil exploration in the Arctic Ocean. „America´s Arctic Ocean is home to some of the Earth´s least-disturbed large marine ecosystems. Spectacular wildlife found nowhere else in the United States thrive here, including bowhead whales, walruses, polar bears and ice seals. Vibrant indigenous communities have lived off the ocean and the land for thousands of years. But warming temperatures and rapidly retreating sea ice are opening these remote waters to oil and gas exploration and vessel traffic. These activities carry the risk of accidents and oil spills that could undermine fragile food webs and ruin vital habitat”, reads an info sheet, distributed by PEW in Montreal. Oceans North is a campagne led by The Pew Environment Group to protect the Arctic Oceans. Here are some documents and a letter to President Obama, signed by scientists.





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