04 May 2012

Many Strong Voices

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My Iceblog last week documented the speech of Ambassador Jumeau from the Seychelles at the IPY 2012 Conference in Montreal. The Ambassador described how changes in the Arctic impact the life in the small island states in the Pacific and Indian Ocean. He also mentioned „Many Strong Voices“ that connects the Arctic and the small island states.

„Many Strong Voices“ now launched a new website. I quote from this website:

„Many Strong Voices is a programme which links two of the most vulnerable regions, the Arctic and Small Island Developing States, to act on climate change. Since its inception in 2005, MSV has been working to bring together over 20 organisations from these two regions to take collaborative and strategic actions on climate change mitigation and adaptation at the local, regional and international level. MSV’s ongoing work includes working on human rights and climate change, community-based relocation, clean energy, ecosystem-based adaptation, and food security.“

I recommend to visit this website:

If you want to learn more about the Small Island Developing States and climate change, visit the website
or the website of the Indian Ocean Commission


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